Invisible objects turned visible

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Invisible objects turned visible

Post by CVH » Wed Dec 09, 2020 6:37 am


Loading a file like here: ... sk_id=2021
And saving it back as a copy turns the 'invisible' objects visible.

Sure there are other issues with the file ... Like the size, the entity count, ... :wink:
I used it to test my 'Quarantine hatches' script in rather unreal situations :

The invisible nature is supported by QCAD in loading.
Why isn't it kept 'as is' while saving?

I read in REntity.cpp:

Code: Select all

    if (isInvisible()) {
        // entity is invisible (part of a dynamic block and turned off):
        return false;
There is clearly a difference between:
true if this entity is visible (i.e. is on current or given block, is not on a frozen or hidden layer or in a frozen block).
and REntity.isInvisible that can be an individual setting for an entity in a block.

Or has that to to with the fact I standard save in dwg R27, while the original is dwg R18?


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