Layers vs. Blocks

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Layers vs. Blocks

Post by andrew » Fri Oct 02, 2015 8:42 am

Blocks (in the context of CAD) are reusable groups with a name. A block might for example represent a piece of furniture in a floor plan or a screw, bolt or washer in a mechanical drawing.

Entities can be part of a block or part of the main drawing (in which case they are on the '*Model_Space' block, the main block which represents the entire drawing).

Layers are used to organize drawings in a different way. Layers assign meaning and attributes to entities. For example all lines on layer 'wall' might represent walls on a floorplan. All lines on layer 'center' might represent center lines in a mechanical drawing and are shown in red with a dash dot pattern. All dimensions and text labels are typically also placed on separate layers.

Every entity in a drawing is placed on a layer, depending on its meaning.
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