Custom Paper Format yields blank PDF

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Custom Paper Format yields blank PDF

Post by FRK » Thu Dec 03, 2009 5:25 am

I have posted this before in another thread ("Printing to pdf/ps comes out blank") in October '09 and have not received a response yet.

System: 32-bit
OS: Ubuntu 8.04
RAM: 500MB
QCAD Version:
Date: Aug 28 2008
Modules: Scripting
Qt Version: 4.4.1

With nothing in my drawing except a simple rectangle, or any other simple element (to remove the doubt of memory issues), I cannot export to PDF if I set my paper format to be Custom (18"x24"). Print Preview shows the drawing perfectly well, but the PDF generated is blank.

If I use B2 size from the predefined list instead of choosing Custom, then the same drawing generates correctly in PDF. B2 size is 19.7" x 27.8".

This creates a big hassle at the print shop trying to explain that I actually want 18"x24" instead of what the PDF shows, i.e. 19.7"x27.8".

Please help. Thank you.
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I have the same problem

Post by gcook17 » Thu Mar 18, 2010 6:55 pm

The "main drawing unit" in my drawing is foot. I need to print 24" x 36" sheets but if I use a custom paper size and enter 609.6 mm height and 914.4 mm width (or even 610 mm height and 915 mm width) then the paper image that shows behind the drawing in the print preview view appears to be 915 feet wide and 610 feet high. When I try exporting to pdf QCad crashes.

Since it seems the custom paper size units are actually feet I tried entering 2 x 3. In this case the paper image in the print preview looks like it is the correct size when I export to pdf but then the pdf file actually has a size of 2 mm x 3 mm and doesn't show any part of the drawing. Strangely, the file size in bytes is big enough to be a full drawing.

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Blank Custom Page

Post by carlhelquist » Fri Apr 30, 2010 7:37 pm

I was having a similar problem when using QCAD I was attempting to plot patterns on 36x30 inch sheets of paper. Printing to PDF Creator, plotting to an HP plotter, and using the PDF Export function all yielded blank plots.

The interesting thing is that I was able to use QCAD community edition to plot to custom page sizes with both PDF Creator and directly to the plotter with no problems. Unfortunately the community edition doesn't seem to have the PDF Export function. The custom page size units are in the drawing units; just ignore the mm units in the page size dialog if using other units.

These results were on Windows XP.

Carl Helquist

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Post by pnwflows » Sat Jun 05, 2010 6:45 pm

I had the same problem with this. It seems that the custom paper field is interpreted as inches by the print preview, but interpreted as millimeters by the pdf export function.

If I enter 457 x 610 in the mm fields (equivalent to 18" x 24") then I get an enormous sheet size in the print preview, equal to 457" x 610".

If I enter 18 x 24 into the mm fields, then I get the right preview print size, but the PDF export yields an 18mm x 24mm paper size, so it display only the lower left corner of the previewed sheet.

I ended up adding 18" x 24" paper edge lines around my border/title block and exporting it on B2 paper. I took the files to Kinkos/FEDEX and had them crop the image along those lines, then print on 18" x 24".

If they get this issue and the crashing when saving issue fixed, I think the program represents a fantastic value for the occasional user. I have certainly experienced many frustrations with lost work and the exporting issues, but I did finally finish a simple 4-sheet drawing set. The final product was fine.

Looking forward to the next version...



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