Problems to open dxf files

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Problems to open dxf files

Post by jjclaudon » Mon Aug 25, 2008 3:17 pm

I just installed QCad Professionnal on Windows XP Pro.
When I try to open DXF files by double-clicking on the file in the Windows folder, this is what happens :
- if the file name is short, without any space (for example "toto01.dxf"), the file is correcly opened.
- if there are spaces in the filename ("toto et titi.dxf"), Qcad tries to open "toto", then tries to open "et" and finally "titi". The result is 3 messages telling me that the files don't exist.
Same thing if there are spaces in folder name
I didn't have this problem with version.

Thanks for your help...


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