'Handy' little Title block.

About the creation of DXF / DWG part library items.

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'Handy' little Title block.

Post by Clive » Fri May 11, 2012 11:44 pm

Hi All

Here is a handy little title block that might be useful - see attached dxf file.
The dimension size is 80mm x 80mm.

To modify the block to change:
its size (scale up or down)
change any line/text properties/ content
1. First > select all via cad tools > Selection tools (WS) > select All (TA) or 'drag' a window around block.
2. Main menu > Modify > Explode or from command line enter X,P.
3. From the property editor (View > Toolbars > property Editor) you can select individual entities and change their colour, line weight, line type, geometry attributes etc...
4. To scale up/down > Select block > Main menu > Modify > Scale > Focus point > Scale options (dialog window - enter options).
5. After modification the block can be saved to the part library and used when needed.
Title block 80mm x 80mm.png
Title block 80mm x 80mm.png (52.18 KiB) Viewed 7090 times
title block 80mm x 80mm.dxf
(49.1 KiB) Downloaded 598 times

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