Introducing, new to QCAD, not 'new' to CAD

Post to this forum to introduce yourself to this forum if you are new here. You might want to include some information about the work you are doing or planning to do with QCAD.

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Introducing, new to QCAD, not 'new' to CAD

Post by TomWS » Thu Nov 18, 2021 10:34 pm

Hello all,
just joined. I've been using various computer aided design tools for over 30 years (I'm not tellin' how many). I'm a retired EE/SoftwareEngineer and use my tools now for MY projects. My projects cover a wide range of disciplines (Woodworking, WoodTurning, Electronics (mostly Home Automation), Yard Art,...) and use a wide range of tools (Lasers, CNC Router, CNC Plasma Cutter, Wood Lathe, 3D Printer, Resin Printer, and, recently, invested in a 'mini' machine shop with a Mini Lathe & Mini Mill (not CNC))

I've used a variety of CAD programs with QCAD being the latest adventure. So far it's been one of the easiest ones to pick up and looks to be very capable as a 2D program. We'll see if it becomes my 'go to' for 2D CAD. I'll still use others for 3D & 'Arty' type stuff, although I may generate 2D Views in QCAD, we'll see...

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Re: Introducing, new to QCAD, not 'new' to CAD

Post by Husky » Thu Nov 18, 2021 11:07 pm

Hello TomWS,

thanks for introducing yourself to the forum and welcome.
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