Hello from Illinois

Post to this forum to introduce yourself to this forum if you are new here. You might want to include some information about the work you are doing or planning to do with QCAD.

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Hello from Illinois

Postby PiperPilotJohn » Wed Feb 05, 2014 1:54 am

We've been asked to introduce ourselves, so here goes. I'm a recently retired systems engineer. I worked for CBS TV in Chicago for the past 30 years. I'm fairly fluent with AutoCAD but really can't justify the expense for the small projects I'm doing now in retirement, so started looking into QCAD. I'm using it on the iMac and so far, I really like what I see. It's a totally new learning experience (I'm very used to the AutoCAD command line - using my left hand to type in commands and right hand to operate the mouse). Even though the commands are different here in QCAD, I'm finding that they are rather intuitive. I'm probably unusual, but I'm spending a lot of time just working my way through the comprehensive and well-written manual so I can learn the application as best as possible. In many respects, I'm finding that I like the way QCAD handles issues much better than AutoCAD. There are some very powerful commands within this program that are going to be fun to use.

Those of you who wrote and are working on updating the program, my congratulations on a job well done. The cost of the program and manual are pretty much insignificant compared to the value I'm getting for the program. Perhaps I'll try my hand at coding some features down the road, especially if I find something missing that I used to use in AutoCAD. (So far I haven't.)


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Re: Hello from Illinois

Postby andrew » Tue Feb 11, 2014 11:07 am

Thanks for the feedback - it is much appreciated! :)

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