Hello from France (another one user)

Post to this forum to introduce yourself to this forum if you are new here. You might want to include some information about the work you are doing or planning to do with QCAD.

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Hello from France (another one user)

Post by Marc56 » Wed May 02, 2018 1:19 pm

I used QCAD Pro in 2012 and from time to time since to make plans for house and furniture (including kitchen furnishings)
My original training is a draughtsman in building and civil engineering. I use QCAD for my personal use
A month ago, I bought myself a small milling machine (first for studing) (CNC T8 model 1310 using grbl) and knowing QCAD well enough, I acquired a license for QCAD/CAM two days ago.
A bit difficult at first compared to FreeCAD but finally much faster.
I had to do a few dozen tests to understand how it works (because there is little information on the CAM part), but it works.

I'm happy now.
If I can help, I'd be happy
Windows 10 x64 French - QCAD/CAM 3.21.2 - milling machine CNC T8 model 1310 (grbl in mm)

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Re: Hello from France (another one user)

Post by Husky » Wed May 02, 2018 5:33 pm

Hello Marc56 - welcome (back?) to the QCAD Forum. :D
Marc56 wrote: I'm happy now.
If I can help, I'd be happy
I'm sure Forum user will appreciate any kind of help. Thank you.
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