Signatures and avatars

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Signatures and avatars

Post by Panchdara » Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:57 pm

I have a small observation with the way signatures (and avatars -to a point) are displayed. Yes, they are useful, BUT, perhaps a snapshot copy of the signature at the time of posting should be saved... ie at the time of posting then that signature remains with that post. As an example, if I make a post with certain questions/bug(s)/irregularities with that product then the signature (stating OS, Software version, environment at that time) should remain static and not be updated to show any new (unrelated) signature. Likewise for an avatar although not as pressing.

I have this scenario when dealing with statistical data - the data maintains the link data at the time of entry, not any updated link data. Storage is cheap.

I hope this makes sense?

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