About this new forum

This forum is a place where people can cast their vote for feature requests to be implemented from a selection of the top favorites submitted to the 'Bug tracker':

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About this new forum

Post by Clive » Wed Jan 15, 2014 12:41 pm

This new forum will be a place where people can view a chosen selection of the 'top' voted feature requests submitted to the bugtracker:

...and then vote for their favorite here in the forum :wink:

How will it work ?

Regularly a selection of the highest scoring (voted) feature requests from the bugtracker will be added here in a voting poll, the poll will run for a pre-determined time and at the end of the poll the winning feature request will potentially be implemented depending upon Andrews current available development time. Any potential winning feature request/s will be subject to further review and as a result of it not being implemented - the reasons will be given and the next alternative 'runner up' will be considered!

How do I get a feature request added to a forum voting poll ?

All feature requests are to be submitted on the bugtracker first - http://www.ribbonsoft.com/bugtracker/ then the top scoring ones will be added in a forum poll.

So it is important to review the bugtracker regularly and add votes to your favorite request.
For the best support please state your operating system, QCAD version and add any supporting DXF/DWG files, screenshots etc...

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