QCAD 3 on Debian 7 "wheezy" 64bit

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QCAD 3 on Debian 7 "wheezy" 64bit

Post by ralvejd » Sat Aug 18, 2012 12:44 am

I've managed to run qcad 3.0 on Debian 7 "wheezy" 64bit

I rewrote the script qcad
It could probably be made much neater, I'm pretty bad at bash script :oops:
Note the path, change to that of your installation
cd /opt/qcad-3.0.0-prof-linux

Code: Select all

# QCAD startup script
# ralvejd special

cd /opt/qcad-3.0.0-prof-linux
./qcad-bin -style plastique
I also installed the ia32-libs


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Re: QCAD 3 on Debian 7 "wheezy" 64bit

Post by spatz » Sat Aug 18, 2012 5:56 pm

Hello ralvejd,

Thank you for sharing your script. It solved my problems on the same OS (Debian "wheezy", but 32bit) and saved me a lot of time.

Best regards

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