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RExplodable Class Referenceabstract

Interface for explodable shape classes. More...

#include <RExplodable.h>

Inheritance diagram for RExplodable:
RPolyline RSpline RTriangle RLeaderData RPolylineData RSolidData RSplineData RFaceData RTraceData

Public Member Functions

virtual QList< QSharedPointer< RShape > > getExploded (int segments=RDEFAULT_MIN1) const =0
virtual ~RExplodable ()

Detailed Description

Interface for explodable shape classes.

This class is available in script environments.
Shared Pointer Support:
Objects can be used in QSharedPointer.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual RExplodable::~RExplodable ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual QList<QSharedPointer<RShape> > RExplodable::getExploded ( int  segments = RDEFAULT_MIN1) const
pure virtual

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