Define Block Attribute

Toolbar / Icon:
Add-on:  QCAD Professional
Menu: Block > Attributes > Define Block Attribute
Shortcut: U, A
Commands: attributedefinition | attdef | ua


Use this tool to add an attribute definition to a block definition.


  1. The attribute definition dialog is shown.
  2. Choose the font name, text height and text properties as described in the documentation of the text tool.
  3. Enter a tag for the attribute definition.
    This identifier is used to link attributes to their attribute definition. You can also think of the tag as a variable name.
  4. Enter a prompt for the attribute definition. This text is shown whenever the user is requested to enter a value for this attribute.
  5. Enter a default value for attributes that are created from this attribute definition. This can be a commonly used value for the attribute or a placeholder such as "?" or "#".
  6. Click "OK" to exit the dialog.
  7. Use the mouse to specify the location of the attribute definition or enter a coordinate in the command line.
  8. Right click or press Escape to stop the tool.