QCAD Add-ons

Script Add-ons and Plugins

QCAD Professional

QCAD Professional extends QCAD with a set of advanced tools and functionality, such as SVG export, printing on multiple pages, drawing splines from fit points, polyline tools, tools to automatically detect possible errors in a drawing, command line conversion tools, etc.

This add-on also adds support for the following file formats:

  • DWG
    • read support for format version R2.5 through R32 (2018)
    • write support for format version R12 through R32 (2018)
  • DXF
    • read support for format version R2.5 through R32 (2018)
    • write support for format version R12 through R32 (2018)

Please refer to the feature list for a complete list of features that are added by this add-on (in italic).

You can purchase QCAD Professional from our online shop.


QCAD/CAM adds CAM specific functions and tools to QCAD, such as:

  • CAM export (for example G-Code export)
  • GERBER import
  • True shape nesting
  • QCAD/CAM also contains all additional functionality of QCAD Professional
  • More information...

You can purchase QCAD/CAM from our online shop.

Part Libraries

The QCAD installation packages only contains a small set of symbols and CAD parts to demonstrate the functionality of the part library. Additional libraries may be downloaded and installed for free using the links below.

Installation: Download and extract (for example inside the libraries folder of your QCAD installation). If QCAD does not show the libraries after the next start, add the new library path in the application preferences under Edit - Application Preferences - Widgets - Library Browser - Library Sources.

  • Architecture [~600]
    Doors, windows, electrical installation symbols, plants, people, ...
  • Chemistry [~50]
    Chemical symbols
  • Electronics [~500]
    ICs, capacitors, diodes, ...
  • GIS [~10]
  • Hydraulics [~100]
    Hydraulics symbols
  • LRM Circuits [~130]
    Capacitors, connectors, diodes, fuses, inductors, instruments, memories, motors, piezoelectric, resistors, transistors, ...
  • Mechanics [~4500]
    Various screws, bearings, tapers, washers, DIN and non-DIN
  • Misc [~50]
    Model rail, bicycle parts, ...
  • MSR [~10]
    MSR, DIN28004
  • Processing [~200]
  • thenounproject.com [~1300]
    Icons from The Noun Project