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DL_Attributes Class Reference

Storing and passing around attributes. More...

#include <dl_attributes.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 DL_Attributes ()
 Default constructor.
 DL_Attributes (const string &layer, int color, int width, const string &lineType)
 Constructor for DXF attributes.
void setLayer (const string &layer)
 Sets the layer.
string getLayer () const
void setColor (int color)
 Sets the color.
int getColor () const
void setWidth (int width)
 Sets the width.
int getWidth () const
void setLineType (const string &lineType)
 Sets the line type.
string getLineType () const
DL_Attributes operator= (const DL_Attributes &attrib)
 Copies attributes (deep copies) from another attribute object.

Detailed Description

Storing and passing around attributes.

Attributes are the layer name, color, width and line type.

Andrew Mustun

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DL_Attributes::DL_Attributes const string &  layer,
int  color,
int  width,
const string &  lineType

Constructor for DXF attributes.

layer Layer name for this entity or NULL for no layer (every entity should be on a named layer!).
color Color number (0..256). 0 = BYBLOCK, 256 = BYLAYER.
width Line thickness. Defaults to zero. -1 = BYLAYER, -2 = BYBLOCK, -3 = default width
lineType Line type name or "BYLAYER" or "BYBLOCK". Defaults to "BYLAYER"

Member Function Documentation

int DL_Attributes::getColor  )  const [inline]

See also:
DL_Codes, dxfColors

string DL_Attributes::getLayer  )  const [inline]

Layer name.

string DL_Attributes::getLineType  )  const [inline]

Line type.

int DL_Attributes::getWidth  )  const [inline]


void DL_Attributes::setColor int  color  )  [inline]

Sets the color.

See also:
DL_Codes, dxfColors

void DL_Attributes::setLayer const string &  layer  )  [inline]

Sets the layer.

If the given pointer points to NULL, the new layer name will be an empty but valid string.

void DL_Attributes::setLineType const string &  lineType  )  [inline]

Sets the line type.

This can be any string and is not checked to be a valid line type.

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