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dxflib Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
DL_ArcDataArc Data
DL_AttributesStoring and passing around attributes
DL_BlockDataBlock Data
DL_CircleDataCircle Data
DL_CodesCodes for colors and DXF versions
DL_ControlPointDataSpline control point data
DL_CreationAdapterAn abstract adapter class for receiving DXF events when a DXF file is being read
DL_CreationInterfaceAbstract class (interface) for the creation of new entities
DL_DimAlignedDataAligned Dimension Data
DL_DimAngular3PDataAngular Dimension Data (3 points version)
DL_DimAngularDataAngular Dimension Data
DL_DimDiametricDataDiametric Dimension Data
DL_DimensionDataGeneric Dimension Data
DL_DimLinearDataLinear Dimension Data
DL_DimRadialDataRadial Dimension Data
DL_DxfReading and writing of DXF files
DL_EllipseDataEllipse Data
DL_ExceptionUsed for exception handling
DL_ExtrusionStoring and passing around attributes
DL_GroupCodeExcUsed for exception handling
DL_HatchDataHatch data
DL_HatchEdgeDataHatch edge data
DL_HatchLoopDataHatch boundary path (loop) data
DL_ImageDataImage Data
DL_ImageDefDataImage Definition Data
DL_InsertDataInsert Data
DL_KnotDataSpline knot data
DL_LayerDataLayer Data
DL_LeaderDataLeader (arrow)
DL_LeaderVertexDataLeader Vertex Data
DL_LineDataLine Data
DL_LineTypeDataLine Type Data
DL_MTextDataMText Data
DL_NullStrExcUsed for exception handling
DL_PointDataPoint Data
DL_PolylineDataPolyline Data
DL_SplineDataSpline Data
DL_TextDataText Data
DL_TraceDataTrace Data
DL_VertexDataVertex Data
DL_WriterDefines interface for writing low level DXF constructs to a file
DL_WriterAImplements functions defined in DL_Writer for writing low level DXF constructs to an ASCII format DXF file

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