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DL_HatchEdgeData Struct Reference

Hatch edge data. More...

#include <dl_entities.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DL_HatchEdgeData ()
 Default constructor.
 DL_HatchEdgeData (double lx1, double ly1, double lx2, double ly2)
 Constructor for a line edge.
 DL_HatchEdgeData (double acx, double acy, double aRadius, double aAngle1, double aAngle2, bool aCcw)
 Constructor for an arc edge.

Public Attributes

int type
 Edge type.
bool defined
 Set to true if this edge is fully defined.
double x1
double y1
double x2
double y2
double cx
double cy
double radius
double angle1
double angle2
bool ccw

Detailed Description

Hatch edge data.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DL_HatchEdgeData::DL_HatchEdgeData double  lx1,
double  ly1,
double  lx2,
double  ly2

Constructor for a line edge.

Parameters: see member variables.

DL_HatchEdgeData::DL_HatchEdgeData double  acx,
double  acy,
double  aRadius,
double  aAngle1,
double  aAngle2,
bool  aCcw

Constructor for an arc edge.

Parameters: see member variables.

Member Data Documentation

double DL_HatchEdgeData::angle1

Start angle.

double DL_HatchEdgeData::angle2

End angle.

bool DL_HatchEdgeData::ccw

Counterclockwise flag.

double DL_HatchEdgeData::cx

Center point of arc (X).

double DL_HatchEdgeData::cy

Center point of arc (Y).

double DL_HatchEdgeData::radius

Arc radius.

int DL_HatchEdgeData::type

Edge type.

1=line, 2=arc.

double DL_HatchEdgeData::x1

Start point (X).

double DL_HatchEdgeData::x2

End point (X).

double DL_HatchEdgeData::y1

Start point (Y).

double DL_HatchEdgeData::y2

End point (Y).

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