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DL_InsertData Struct Reference

Insert Data. More...

#include <dl_entities.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DL_InsertData (const string &iName, double iipx, double iipy, double iipz, double isx, double isy, double isz, double iAngle, int iCols, int iRows, double iColSp, double iRowSp)

Public Attributes

string name
double ipx
double ipy
double ipz
double sx
double sy
double sz
double angle
int cols
int rows
double colSp
double rowSp

Detailed Description

Insert Data.

Andrew Mustun

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DL_InsertData::DL_InsertData const string &  iName,
double  iipx,
double  iipy,
double  iipz,
double  isx,
double  isy,
double  isz,
double  iAngle,
int  iCols,
int  iRows,
double  iColSp,
double  iRowSp


Parameters: see member variables.

Member Data Documentation

double DL_InsertData::angle

Rotation angle in rad.

int DL_InsertData::cols

Number of colums if we insert an array of the block or 1.

double DL_InsertData::colSp

Values for the spacing between cols.

double DL_InsertData::ipx

X Coordinate of insertion point.

double DL_InsertData::ipy

Y Coordinate of insertion point.

double DL_InsertData::ipz

Z Coordinate of insertion point.

string DL_InsertData::name

Name of the referred block.

int DL_InsertData::rows

Number of rows if we insert an array of the block or 1.

double DL_InsertData::rowSp

Values for the spacing between rows.

double DL_InsertData::sx

X Scale factor.

double DL_InsertData::sy

Y Scale factor.

double DL_InsertData::sz

Z Scale factor.

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