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DL_TextData Struct Reference

Text Data. More...

#include <dl_entities.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DL_TextData (double tipx, double tipy, double tipz, double tapx, double tapy, double tapz, double tHeight, double tXScaleFactor, int tTextGenerationFlags, int tHJustification, int tVJustification, const string &tText, const string &tStyle, double tAngle)

Public Attributes

double ipx
double ipy
double ipz
double apx
double apy
double apz
double height
double xScaleFactor
int textGenerationFlags
int hJustification
 Horizontal justification.
int vJustification
 Vertical justification.
string text
string style
double angle

Detailed Description

Text Data.

Andrew Mustun

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DL_TextData::DL_TextData double  tipx,
double  tipy,
double  tipz,
double  tapx,
double  tapy,
double  tapz,
double  tHeight,
double  tXScaleFactor,
int  tTextGenerationFlags,
int  tHJustification,
int  tVJustification,
const string &  tText,
const string &  tStyle,
double  tAngle


Parameters: see member variables.

Member Data Documentation

double DL_TextData::angle

Rotation angle of dimension text away from default orientation.

double DL_TextData::apx

X Coordinate of alignment point.

double DL_TextData::apy

Y Coordinate of alignment point.

double DL_TextData::apz

Z Coordinate of alignment point.

double DL_TextData::height

Text height

int DL_TextData::hJustification

Horizontal justification.

0 = Left (default), 1 = Center, 2 = Right, 3 = Aligned, 4 = Middle, 5 = Fit For 3, 4, 5 the vertical alignment has to be 0.

double DL_TextData::ipx

X Coordinate of insertion point.

double DL_TextData::ipy

Y Coordinate of insertion point.

double DL_TextData::ipz

Z Coordinate of insertion point.

string DL_TextData::style

Style (font).

string DL_TextData::text

Text string.

int DL_TextData::textGenerationFlags

0 = default, 2 = Backwards, 4 = Upside down

int DL_TextData::vJustification

Vertical justification.

0 = Baseline (default), 1 = Bottom, 2 = Middle, 3= Top

double DL_TextData::xScaleFactor

Relative X scale factor.

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