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dxflib Programmer's Guide

2 Compiling dxflib

Unix / Linux

Under Unix and Linux Systems, compiling dxflib is a simple standard procedure:


This creates the file './lib/dxflib.a' . To compile a dynamic version of dxflib, run 'make shared' instead of 'make' . This will create the file './lib/' and the link './lib/' that points to './lib/' .

Instead of running 'make install', you can also copy the header files into a header directory of your choice and copy the library files into a library directory of your choice.


There are many different ways to compile dxflib under Windows. You can use Microsoft's Visual C++ compiler, Borland's C++ command line tools, gcc and many other compilers.
For this manual, only the process of compiling dxflib using cygwin [CYGWIN] and the gcc compiler from the MinGW32 package is shown:


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