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dxflib Programmer's Guide

1 Overview

dxflib is a C++ library for reading and writing DXF files. When reading DXF files, dxflib parses the file and calls functions that you define in your own C++ class for adding entities, layers, ..

Please note that dxflib does not store any entities or other information for you. It only passes the supported entities and other objects found in the DXF file to your C++ class.

Using dxflib to read DXF files doesn't require any knowlege of the DXF format. However, it's still an advantage to know the basics about entities, attributes, layers and blocks. To write DXF files with dxflib you definitely need an idea of how a DXF file is organized.

dxflib does not depend on any exotic other libraries, just the standard C / C++ libraries.

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