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dxflib Programmer's Guide

3 Reading DXF Files

Figure 1: dxflib parses DXF files and calls functions in your class. In those functions you can for example add the entities to a vector or list of entities.

Implementing the Creation Interface

Your C++ class that handles DXF entities has to be derived from DL_CreationInterface or DL_CreationAdapter. In most cases DL_CreationAdapter is more convenient because it doesn't force you to implement all functions.

class MyDxfFilter : public DL_CreationAdapter {
    virtual void addLine(const DL_LineData& d);

The implementation of the functions in your class will typically add the entities to a container of entities or use the information in another way.

void MyDxfFilter::addLine(const DL_LineData& d) {
    std::cout << "Line: " << d.x1 << "/" << d.y1
    << " " << d.x2 << "/" << d.y2 << std::endl;

When reading a DXF file you simply pass on a reference to an object of your class to the parser.

MyDxfFilter f;
DL_Dxf* dxf = new DL_Dxf();
if (!dxf->in("drawing.dxf", &f)) {
    std::cerr << "drawing.dxf could not be opened.\n";
delete dxf;

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